Mobility. Availability. Simplicity.

The whole world is a gym

TOTALFIT GO is a new and unique workout format for coaches around the world. This format allows the local coach to start coaching groups with little to no equipment needed. Towns and cities all over the world offer parks that have everything we need to train, all we need is to use them. We can train at home, in the park, at the sports field... the world is our gym.  

It is easy to become a coach

Become a TOTALFIT GO Coach!. We will equip you with all the necesary tools that you wil need to start. We will provede support, along with a multitude or practical tool, to help you develop your TOTALFIT GO Groups.

To grow up together

If you would like to become a practicing new format coach. If you have a group of associates, who are ready to get stronger with you, then TOTALFIT GO is just for you.

Mobile gym

TotalFit GO – is an opportunity for any group of people to work out in any accessible environment. As a coach or athlete, you can achieve a desired result practicing TotalFit GO even at the court outside the block of apartments, or in city park, office, at school or university or any other open-air playground.

Available for a quick start

TotalFit GO program will help you live an active and full life without using any expensive gyms. You can train others or workout yourself without investing big money.

Simplicity is key to success

The program is based on simple workouts, using your own weight or basic sport equipment, which can be easily made or bought second hand. The workouts can have fixed time or flexible, if there is a good communication within the group.

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