Stability. Team. Atmosphere.
TF Home

A place with unique atmosphere

Totalfit Home is what it says it is! It is a place built around family. A place where there is common interests, common goals, and we all strive together on the path to optimal health.

My gym. My team

Totalfit gyms are continuosly opening around the world. The Totalfit Level 1 course is designed to give anyone the opportunity to become a coach or even open a facility.

Your own Totalfit gym

Totalfit offers the opportuinity for everyone to open their own facility and implement the Totalfit training methodology.


Have a centralized location, such as a rented facility, your home garage, or local school or sporst club, is key to Totalfit Home. This creates consistency and the potential for growth.

Growth potential

The Totalfit Home model will allow You to build a base of membership that will provude you with stabilityas you strive to grow your business and continue to provide the best coaching and service you can.

Unique atmosphere

As a Totalfit gym owner, you have the unique opportunity to create your own atmosphere for your gym by using Totalfit's holistic approach to health. It's a safe place for achieving crazy goals!

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