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The success of Totalfit depends on the success of the local coach. We strive for each and every coach to be successful.

All the tools

By becoming a Totalfit coach, you will have access to a toolbox of practical meterials and mentorship as you start your gym or group.


After successful completion of the Totalfit Level 1 course, you will have the tools to launch a training group or gym. These Level 1 courses are held in many differenr locations around the world each month.


Every coach has access to the Totalfit Toolbox, that has been created by coaches from all over the world. Ideas, workouts, marketing and much more awaits each new coach.


We strive to constantly growth you as a Totalfit coach through continiuing online education and other courses held around the world.


Totalfit encourages all coaches to contribute their own ideas and experiences to help encourage one another as well as provide "best practices" so that other are successful.

Become a coach. Become stronger

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