The challenge
Our world is suffering a massive health deficit.
70% of chronic diseases are preventable.
90% of health issues are stress-related.
20% of sicknesses come from spiritual neurosis.
Our solution
The health of the whole human being as they were created to be — healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
Totalfit is an international fitness company that addresses the health of the whole human being
as they were created to be - healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
Our solution connects the digital world to local certified coaches and allows coaches to impact the world through holistic fitness.
The Totalfit team believes it's the right time in history to reframe the global definition of health.
Our approach
Think of Totalfit as if we combined the best personal trainer, counselor, and spiritual guide into one. Our holistic fitness model trains the entire person at one time because health doesn't occur in a vacuum.
Unique and proprietary method helps you to discover life lessons while strengthening the body through a daily workout. The experience starts with a theme of the workout. This is the life lesson that will be communicated throughout the workout. During the warm-up, together you reflect on questions around gratitude, empathy, and vulnerability that reduce stress and increase dopamine.
A skill of the day builds a proper technique for intensity without injuries. The workout flow becomes a modern-day parable to demonstrate the theme for our lives. During cool down, the coach illustrates a practical application of a life lesson through storytelling. Before leaving, you are invited to share the experience with your community and commit to a monthly healthy habit.

Our Values

  • Service
    We exist to serve others and to make the local coach successful by providing a high quality of service.
  • Creativity
    We create new methods and ideas to allow us to continue to expand and move forward.
  • Commitment
    We are dedicated to one another and to the journey to see things come to completion.
  • Humility
    We put the team and others before ourselves, not boasting about our accomplishments, but celebrating collectively.
  • Authenticity
    We commit to follow through with what we say and will believe in everything we teach and publish.
  • Unity
    We bring everyone together to create an atmosphere of partnership to learn from one another.
  • People
    We invest in people and for the purpose of creating an empowering culture of humble leadership.