Totalfit Level 1
Huskvarna, Sweden
May 27-29, Level 1
Become a certified Totalfit Coach and get all the benefits
The format
3 days full day face-to-face training
Participation fee
What is Totalfit Level 1
In this 3-day, face-to-face or zoom training, you will be exposed to Totalfit's unique methodology of training body, mind and spirit. Our highly qualified team on instructors will guide you through the in-depth curriculum, written by 100+ professionals from around the world, both in classroom learning as well as practical sessions in the gym. Of course, we will workout together as well!
Upon the successful completion
You will be part of an international family that is powered by collective wisdom. Weather you are an existing fitness coach wanting to increase your knowledge, understanding and offerings to your athletes, or a beginner coach wanting to gain a foundational understanding of fitness, business and holistic coaching.
You're in the right place
Totalfit Level 1 Training is for:
Who want to start coaching
Who want to learn new methodology and improve coaching skills
Who want to open a gym using a worldwide brand and unique training system
Gym owners
Who want to implement new training system and increase profits
Business owners 
Who want to have body, mind & spirit coach to support their employees
Who want to learn Totalfit Methodology and implement it in life
Join the worldwide health revolution
Totalfit is dedicated to equipping coaches around the world with high-quality tools, unique methodology, processes and support. So they can bring health into the masses, following Totalfit's mission.

Inside Totalfit Level 1

You will learn from the collective wisdom of 100+ professionals: coaches, instructors, nutrisionists, whole life coaches, etc. The training format includes:

Classroom Instruction
Small-group breakout sessions
Learning Totalfit’s foundational movements
Face-to-face time with Totalfit Instructors
Exam and certification

What you'll learn during the training?

Day 1
Totalfit Concept
Totalfit warmup
Powerful Questions
Totalfit Coaching Framework
Totalfit Cooldown
Day 2
How are Mind and Spirit trained?
Standards and points of performance of Main Movements
Day 3
Optimal Recovery
Common Injuries and Prevention
Totalfit CornerStone Class Program
Totalfit Life Cycle
Practical Advice

What will you get after?

Totalfit Level 1 Certificate
Certifies you to coach a Totalfit group and/or open a brick and mortar gym for regular training. A Totalfit Level 1 Certification can help current coaches and personal trainers the advantage of distinction in mental and spiritual training for current and future clients. Certification is valid for 3 years.
Post-Training Instructor’s Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship is a volunteer support program available for every coach after Totalfit Level 1 training. Apprenticeship increases the coach’s chance for success with immediate support, follow-up, and helps integrate the coach into a relational network and global community.
Access to Join Totalfit Associate Program
The Totalfit Associate Program allows you to take full advantage of the Totalfit Brand and an extensive library of coaching tools. Totalfit Associateship will help you launch either a for-profit or non-profit group and/or gym, and provide help along the way.
Access to Totalfit Library For Non-Associates
As a coach, you will have limited access to samples from the vast library of pre-programmed workouts, Totalfit Stamp for a Year (1 year of fully developed workouts), marketing and media, personal development, Totalfit stories, and printable resources.
Access to Digital Workspace for Non-Associates
Level 1 coaches get to experience the power and support of the Totalfit Digital Ecosystem for non-Associates and its features including a digital whiteboard, gym management , and program developer.
Access to Totalfit Coaches Community Chat
Join the growing community of over 250 coaches using Totalfit worldwide offers connection, support, and business-building ideas.
to Connect local coach with global community
Digital Workspace is where you can create programs, manage your gym or group and get connected with the world of Totalfit Athletes

What certified coaches saying

about their experience with Totalfit

Totalfit Level 1 training has changed my whole outlook on fitness training. The training taught me the importance of proper form during physical movements to keep myself safe from injury, as well as teaching me what that proper form is. This is important because I live to chase my kids around and look forward to keeping up with grandchildren one day. It also taught me the importance of total body, mind, and spirit health and fitness-when one part of me is not healthy, really none of me is. It really brought everything full circle and I am forever grateful for Totalfit. I’ve even been able to show my athletic children proper movements!
I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Level 1 training. I was worried that my lack of knowledge in fitness would show but everything was explained so well and was easy to learn. All the instructors were so knowledgeable. They made everyone comfortable and everyone acted as if we all knew each other. I typically hate class lectures and expected them to be boring but due to the awesome instructors time flew by. The activities were fun along with the workouts.
Getting my certification as a coach with Totalfit has driven home for me the reality that the holistic side is of the program truly impacts the mind and spirit. These aren’t merely add-ons or superficial connections. As I grow in coaching, I grow in my desire to continue to use Totalfit and to continue this upward trajectory of pursuing optimal health and calling others to do the same.
The Totalfit Level 1 Training provided me with a clear and concise framework.  We train all ages and levels of athletes that benefit not just from movement, but mind and spirit fitness as well. In our TF Surf youth class we are able to challenge these young surfers to become complete surfers with body strength, the positivity of their mind and attitude, and to establish healthy habits in and out of the water.  
I was told, at 145 kg/320lb, that I needed to join the Totalfit program by my doctor because I was depressed, overweight, on daily medications, and often in and out of the hospital. With the help of the Totalfit certified coach Erik and my doctor, I eliminated all medications in 6 months. Besides losing weight, I also discovered the meaning of life. Today, I am a part-time Totalfit coach and working a full-time job.

Totalfit Coaching brings joy and energy!!! I receive so many positive and grateful feedback, that motivates me to learn more and share the experience of my athletes is from 3 to 68 years!!! 

Your opportunities after Totalfit Level 1 Training

Body, mind & spirit coach
You can help your clients achieve long lasting goals in three dimensions of their lives
Own a gym
You can start your business in the fitness industry
New career
You can start a new stage of your life and have an additional source of income
Customer loyalty
By improving your professional skills, your existing clients can become more loyal
You can increase your check by investing in the development of your competencies
Rebrand your gym
You have an amazing opportunity to give your gym a new life and join an international brand


What can Totalfit Level 1 Training do for me?
It can prepare you to become a coach, to begin a Totalfit group (in an area of interest or knowledge), or open a Totalfit gym for regular training.  A Totalfit Level 1 Certification can help current coaches and personal trainers the advantage of distinction in mental and spiritual training for current and future clients.
Who is eligible for Level 1 Training?
Participants must be 18 years old to become certified Totalfit Level 1 coaches.  Individuals are able to participate in the Totalfit Level 1 training if they are 14 years old and above at the discretion of the Lead Instructor and Director of Trainings.
Do I have to attend the training, or can I just take the test?
In order to meet all certificate requirements, participants must attend all sessions as well as complete the Coaching Assessment and Written Assessment.
What are Totalfit Level 1 Training requirements?
• Attendance for the entire three-day course from approximately 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (100% exposure to all lectures, practice, and workouts) 
• Pass the Totalfit Coach Assessment and Totalfit Level 1 Written test in person 
• Sign the Waiver & Release of Liability 
• Sign Confidentiality Agreement 
• Pay all training fees in full 14 days prior to training.
Is the Level 1 Training presented in English only?
All trainings are presented primarily in English. However, in some locations outside the United States, translators are available. 
Are the Level 1 assessments available in languages other than English?
All materials are written primarily in English. However, in some locations outside of the United States, materials in the native language may available.
How long is a Totalfit Level 1 Certification valid?
3 years
What is the Totalfit Associate Program?
It is a 1-year partnership agreement between Totalfit, Inc. and the ‘Associate’.  The agreement gives you, the associate, legal rights to use the Totalfit brand and unique methodology under trademarked protection. There is premium access to the digital ecosystem which includes a vast workout library, digital whiteboard, programming for a year, and more. This is a paid partnership that gives you, the Totalfit Associate, consistent brand identity to market and grow your business or non-profit group.
What is included in the Totalfit Associate Program?
  • 1 year of complete Totalfit Stamp programming
  • Legal access to trademarked logos, posters, media design and other Totalfit resources
  • Discounts on Totalfit products and services (e.g.
  • Discounts from our partner, GetRx’d for gym equipment
  • Support in start-up, set-up, training, support, and design
What is the cost to become a Totalfit Associate?
As of Jan. 2022, the cost is $250 USD for one year. The price you pay for your first year will be your lifetime price.
Dates or location are not suitable?
No worries, look at the full Schedule or host a Training.
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