Totalfit Introduction to Logotherapy

Logotherapy is the only school of science that takes personal well-being beyond the body and mind to include spiritual health. Understanding logotherapy, makes coaching more effective in getting athletes or groups to reach optimal health.
What is Logotherapy?
  • “Healing through meaning” in Greek
  • Psychological theory developed by Viktor Frankl
  • Based on Frankl’s experiences as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist, and philosophy student
  • Meaning-centered approach that promotes freedom of choice and personal responsibility
  • Internationally recognized & empirically-based.
Totalfit Introduction to Logotherapy is for:
Who want to learn a new methodology and improve their coaching skills
Business Owners
Who want to increase their capacity for body, mind & spirit coaching to support their employees
Who wants to learn about Logotherapy and implement it in life

Course Curriculum

Enhance your skills and knowledge in training the spirit. Learn to implement the proven Optimal Health approach and transform your life and career.

Session 1. Totalfit - rehumanized fitness
Session 2. Humans are different from animals
Session 3. Motivation for meaning
Session 4. Live in three worlds
Session 5. We have a body, we have a mind, we are spirit
Session 6. Instruments of the spirit
Session 7. Two types of meanings
Session 8. Three types of depression
Session 9. Madness of the world
Session 10. Indicators of a spiritual fitness
Session 11. Training of spirit through Totalfit Stamp
Case Studies
Join the worldwide health revolution
Totalfit is dedicated to equipping coaches, athletes, and individuals around the world with high-quality tools, a unique methodology, processes and support. Join Totalfit's mission and help bring health to the masses.

What will you get?

  • Gain a deeper understanding the spiritual dimension of every human being
  • Learn how the Totalfit program and system unblock access to and the development of the human spirit
  • As a coach, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to explain to athletes and clients how you should train the spirit.

What coaches saying

about their experience with Totalfit

  • My first impression of the course when you asked me to do it was … “what on earth was logotherapy?”, as I have never heard of it before. But going through the course I must say that it is an absolutely fantastic course!!! It deals with the absolute heart of optimal health. I personally focus on purpose and meaning in my life-coaching sessions not knowing that there was an entire course on the subject!
    Sri Lanka
  • Totalfit Coaching brings joy and energy!!! I receive so many positive and grateful feedback, that motivates me to learn more and share the experience of my athletes is from 3 to 68 years!!! 
  • Totalfit Level 1 training has changed my whole outlook on fitness training. The training taught me the importance of proper form during physical movements to keep myself safe from injury, as well as teaching me what that proper form is. This is important because I live to chase my kids around and look forward to keeping up with grandchildren one day. It also taught me the importance of total body, mind, and spirit health and fitness-when one part of me is not healthy, really none of me is. It really brought everything full circle and I am forever grateful for Totalfit. I’ve even been able to show my athletic children proper movements!
  • I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Level 1 training. I was worried that my lack of knowledge in fitness would show but everything was explained so well and was easy to learn. All the instructors were so knowledgeable. They made everyone comfortable and everyone acted as if we all knew each other. I typically hate class lectures and expected them to be boring but due to the awesome instructors time flew by. The activities were fun along with the workouts.
  • Getting my certification as a coach with Totalfit has driven home for me the reality that the holistic side is of the program truly impacts the mind and spirit. These aren’t merely add-ons or superficial connections. As I grow in coaching, I grow in my desire to continue to use Totalfit and to continue this upward trajectory of pursuing optimal health and calling others to do the same.
  • The Totalfit Level 1 Training provided me with a clear and concise framework.  We train all ages and levels of athletes that benefit not just from movement, but mind and spirit fitness as well. In our TF Surf youth class we are able to challenge these young surfers to become complete surfers with body strength, the positivity of their mind and attitude, and to establish healthy habits in and out of the water.  
  • I was told, at 145 kg/320lb, that I needed to join the Totalfit program by my doctor because I was depressed, overweight, on daily medications, and often in and out of the hospital. With the help of the Totalfit certified coach Erik and my doctor, I eliminated all medications in 6 months. Besides losing weight, I also discovered the meaning of life. Today, I am a part-time Totalfit coach and working a full-time job.

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