Totalfit Online Level 1
Are you ready to make a name for yourself as an elite fitness coach who actually inspires total transformation from your clients?
We've taken leading fitness research, years of personal experience, and countless hours working with our own clients to develop this best in class coaching model. It's simple, but incredibly effective. This coaching framework brings holistic training into every single workout session.

Your clients won’t believe the results they are about to get. And the best part is you will get all the credit for it!

This course is a progressive series of nearly 20 sessions broken down into easy-to-digest modules. Each lesson will provide a detailed breakdown of our process, assessments to check understanding, as well as provide practical learning activities.

You're in the right place
Totalfit Level 1 Training is for:
  • Beginners
    Who want to start coaching
  • Gym Owners
    Who want to implement new training system and increase profits
  • Coaches
    Who want to learn new methodology and improve coaching skills
  • Business Owners
    Who want to have body, mind & spirit coach to support their employees
  • Entrepreneurs
    Who want to open a gym using a worldwide brand and unique training system
  • Everyone
    Who want to learn Totalfit Methodology and implement it in life
This program is NASM Accredited and AFAA Accredited- Two fitness leading organizations that are known for their commitment to data-driven fitness results. 

As an approved provider for both NASM and AFAA, you are eligible to receive CEU's for completing our Level 1 course. 

Course Outline
Session 1 | The Totalfit Concept
Session 2 | Totalfit Stamp
Session 3 | Warmup
Session 4 | Questions
Session 5 | The Coaching Framework
Session 6 | Cooldown
Session 7 | Optimal Recovery
Session 8 | Storytelling
Session 9 | Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Session 10 | Three Engines
Session 11 | Bucket of Health
Session 12 | Managing Group Dynamics
Session 13 | Programming
Session 14 | Scaling
Session 15 | DNA
Session 16 | Nutrition
Session 17 | Injury & Prevention
Totalfit Online Level 1
Totalfit takes people on a journey to optimal health by training the body, mind, and spirit all at once with coaches just like YOU leading the way.