Optimal Speed Level 1
Panama City, Panama
March 26-28th
This 3-day training is for coaches, trainers, sports leaders, sports academy’s owners and more. Level up your professional coaching with an Optimal Speed training. Become industry leaders in sports performance through the unified methodology for body, mind, and spirit.
The format
3 full days of
face-to-face training
Unity Basketball Academy at Hoops Yard, 1210 Avenida José Agustín Arango, Panamá
Participation fee
What is Optimal Speed Training?
is the product of a collaborative partnership between Totalfit Inc. and Reach Training Inc. This 3-day, face-to-face training introduces you to Optimal Speed's unique training and programming methodology for competitive athletes in various sports. Our advanced sports performance approach aims to improve each player's acceleration and velocity, addressing the body, mind, and spirit. A team of highly qualified instructors will lead you through a comprehensive curriculum, crafted and vetted by global professionals, blending classroom instruction with practical gym sessions. Naturally, engaging workouts are a key part of the experience!

Upon the successful completion
You will become part of an international family fueled by collective wisdom. This opportunity is ideal whether you are an existing sports or fitness coach seeking to expand your knowledge, understanding, and offerings to your athletes, or a beginner coach aiming to gain a foundational understanding of sports performance and holistic coaching.
You're in the right place
Optimal Speed Training is designed for:
For those who want to start a career in coaching
For professionals eager to learn new methodologies and improve their coaching skills
For business-minded individuals looking to open an additional revenue stream by leveraging a worldwide brand and a unique training system
Gym or Sports Academy owners
For those aiming to implement a new training system to increase both impact and income
Business owners 
For leaders who want to provide their employees with body, mind, and spirit coaching support.
For anyone interested in learning Holistic Methodology and incorporating it into their life
Join the worldwide revolution in sports performance!
Our collaboration is dedicated to equipping coaches globally with high-quality tools, a unique methodology, programs, processes, and support. This enables them to bring holistic improvement to competitive athletes and players.

Inside Optimal Speed Training

You will learn from the collective wisdom of 100+ professionals: coaches, instructors, nutritionists, whole life coaches, etc. The training format includes:

Classroom Instruction
Small-group breakout sessions
Learning Optimal Speed Foundational Movements
Face-to-Face Time with Instructors
Practical Application with Players and Athletes

What you'll learn during the training?

Day 1 Goals
  • Introduction of instructors and coaches to build relational foundation to achieve training goals
  • Totalfit concept of optimal performance.
  • 1st Acceleration portion of speed training
  • Demonstration of acceleration drills and how to run a sprint session for the coaches
  • Training session with athletes/players: Demonstration of the Totalfit Performance Stamp. Instructors coach athletes / players and coaches observe to learn.
  • 6. Properly prepare them for coaching together with instructors on Day 2 using 6-week programming.
Day 2 Goals
  • Totalfit methodology to improve optimal performance through strengthening 6 spheres of a human nature
  • Review information from day 1
  • Present COD & Plyo portion of speed training
  • Demonstrate COD/Plyo Drills that were presented on/Assist coaches in running the speed session with the athletes
  • Training session with athletes/players: Demonstration of the Totalfit Performance Stamp. Together, instructors and coaches lead the training session for coach athletes / players
  • Properly prepare them for coaching by themselves on Day 3 using 6-week programming.
Day 3
  • Totalfit programming to train body, mind, and spirit holistically
  • Review info from Day 1 & 2/ Present 2nd acceleration portion of speed training
  • Individual programming based on specific needs
  • Explanation and setup for what is next after the training
  • Training session with athletes/players: Demonstration of the Totalfit Performance Stamp. Coaches lead the training session for coach athletes / players but instructors observe to give feedback.
  • Closing and next steps after the training.

What certified coaches saying

about their experience with Totalfit

  • Totalfit Level 1 training has changed my whole outlook on fitness training. The training taught me the importance of proper form during physical movements to keep myself safe from injury, as well as teaching me what that proper form is. This is important because I live to chase my kids around and look forward to keeping up with grandchildren one day. It also taught me the importance of total body, mind, and spirit health and fitness-when one part of me is not healthy, really none of me is. It really brought everything full circle and I am forever grateful for Totalfit. I’ve even been able to show my athletic children proper movements!
  • I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Level 1 training. I was worried that my lack of knowledge in fitness would show but everything was explained so well and was easy to learn. All the instructors were so knowledgeable. They made everyone comfortable and everyone acted as if we all knew each other. I typically hate class lectures and expected them to be boring but due to the awesome instructors time flew by. The activities were fun along with the workouts.
  • Getting my certification as a coach with Totalfit has driven home for me the reality that the holistic side is of the program truly impacts the mind and spirit. These aren’t merely add-ons or superficial connections. As I grow in coaching, I grow in my desire to continue to use Totalfit and to continue this upward trajectory of pursuing optimal health and calling others to do the same.
  • The Totalfit Level 1 Training provided me with a clear and concise framework.  We train all ages and levels of athletes that benefit not just from movement, but mind and spirit fitness as well. In our TF Surf youth class we are able to challenge these young surfers to become complete surfers with body strength, the positivity of their mind and attitude, and to establish healthy habits in and out of the water.  
  • I was told, at 145 kg/320lb, that I needed to join the Totalfit program by my doctor because I was depressed, overweight, on daily medications, and often in and out of the hospital. With the help of the Totalfit certified coach Erik and my doctor, I eliminated all medications in 6 months. Besides losing weight, I also discovered the meaning of life. Today, I am a part-time Totalfit coach and working a full-time job.

  • Totalfit Coaching brings joy and energy!!! I receive so many positive and grateful feedback, that motivates me to learn more and share the experience of my athletes is from 3 to 68 years!!!